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Packing brain

I have three decorative calendars in my life, all frozen at different times this year because I liked those particular images. One of the ones at work, from the Journal of Experimental Biology, shows a group of paint-marked ants standing around over their brood. Another Chinese calendar shows a male peacock jumping spider conducting a mating display. The calendar at home is by Nikki McClure, and August shows someone riding a bicycle and picking huckleberries. But time goes on.

As with many things, it feels like packing up everything to go...somewhere...doesn't get easier over time. You just have to get used to it. I'm getting preemptively exhausted, thinking about putting things in boxes and moving boxes all around. Stuff will need to come out of the attic, the workshop, the closet, the kitchen. I packed up the CDs over the weekend. I should probably start in on the books, next. The things I don't use very frequently.

Oh - I should note that in early 2018 it's growing increasingly likely that I will head to Arizona for a couple of months, to get some invaluable teaching experience. I don't want to haul everything out there with me if I can figure out a way to do things more cheaply, so this is going to be another Texas/Nebraska-like scenario where I live with a small subset of my possessions (keeping in mind that things have been condensed down and kept packed away for the last two years for life in a shared bedroom).

What projects should I keep out, to keep working on, if any?

Should I try to keep out both Froinlavin and the Jolly Roger?

What about the worm bin?

I suppose some answers will come only after I figure out how I will live for those couple of months. I would like to live somewhere very quiet, if I can help it, with straightforward access to Tempe Town Lake and campus.

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