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Status, briefly

-In the airport, waiting to board a plane to Detroit, then one to Albany, for a job interview. Feeling the full range of human emotions: nervous, uncertain, excited. Lots of time to think, "What the @#$*%$^ am I doing with my life?!" I wish I could get work done on airplanes. Flying represents a whole lot of lost time for me. I submitted an entry to Climate Scientists Who Don't Fly yesterday. Although I still fly, I try to pursue alternatives wherever and whenever I can.

-Took two days off from erging for the Holiday Challenge on Thursday and Friday. I needed brainpower to work on my job talk, and I could feel that my body was fighting off a cold. Also added some multivitamins to the mix. I've made it up until today intact, so even if/when I come down with something over the course of traveling, I should be able to survive the bulk of the interview. I hope. I got back on the erg yesterday morning, so I'm up to 87 km out of 200 I need to complete before December 24. I am not going anywhere else in December, so at least that part should be taken care of if I keep chipping away at it, as one does.

-I still get frustrated by the fact that I can't do everything, all the time. I think I missed a couple more job application deadlines this week, but I had to concentrate on taking care of other priorities. Life is about constantly making peace with how ambitions and ideals outstrip reality.

-On the other hand, working on the job talk helped me think more thoroughly about some conceptual parts of the leafcutter manuscript.

-I couldn't work on packing, yet, but have thought more about getting started. My first step, next weekend, will be to start pulling everything out of the attic and staging it in the workshop. That should make it easier to see what's ready to go versus what's going to need repacking. I suppose it's also time to work on a fresh draft of a "housing wanted" ad. Joys.

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