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Things to be anxious about:

-Finding a place to live in AZ when I don't have (don't know if I will have) proof of employment, as required by many places.

-Moving logistics. There's a conference in SF January 3-7. The spring semester starts at ASU on January 8, and the course I teach begins first thing in the morning on January 8. So much for my idea of driving down there. If I fly, I will have to get a certificate of health for Emma, or I'll have to come back to do the drive.

-Wrapping up projects here so as to be ready to leave. I spent the latter end of last week regrouping and trying to think about how to work away on the data skeletons in the closet.

-Prepping to teach in the spring. A copy of the textbook will show up on Monday. I have a meeting with the textbook rep later next week.

-Packing stuff up, dependent on moving logistics. If I move into an unfurnished apartment, do I take everything with me?

-E-mail is stressful. If I get a job offer, that's stressful. If I don't, that's stressful, too. So many people asking about it, that's stressful. Am I spending enough time on job applications? I can't do everything at once.

-Not getting enough sleep/rest due to anxiety over the above.

-S coming and going and wanting a high level of productive activity at home.

-Lots of people around everywhere, the constant state in California. Nowhere quiet.

I will probably always think back to the period right before I moved out to Texas, when in this kind of state. I did a lot of crying, without a lot of sources of comfort. Some of the same when moving to Nebraska. Things are always a bit easier when moving somewhere where I already know people, but moving remains exhausting. I still can't help thinking I'd be better off not owning any stuff. [personal profile] scrottie just purchased two kayaks, and I just purchased two kayak trailers that hitch up to bicycles.

If I don't post much in the near future, it's probably because I struggle with what to do with negative feelings.

Oh, look, I'm not even posting about current events or politics or how much of California is on fire.

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Dec. 11th, 2017 07:07 pm (UTC)
This sounds like an anxiety loop. At least when you have a path, it may not be the ideal path but you can tell yourself, "okay gotta do this and that." This holding pattern always drives me bananas. So I offer sympathy.
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