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Three Men in a Boat [books]

[personal profile] threemeninaboat and [personal profile] randomdreams were correct to give this book a hearty thumbs-up. I wound up buying a copy of the audiobook a while back, thinking that I would listen to it while driving up to Lake Tahoe for that ill-fated regatta that got canceled due to high wind. But then instead we listened to a fascinating podcast series on shipping containers and global trade, so TMiaB sat for a while.

Then, when I decided I might listen to it on the train ride to/from Denver, I discovered that I didn't have a way to play .aa files (*shakes fist at digital content overprotections*). I eventually figured out how to deal with that, so I started the book on the plane trip back from the job interview in New York, and then finished it just now while preparing hundreds of cricket samples for lipid analysis (so very, very tedious).

Anyway! All of that is simply to say, I don't feel like listening to an audiobook is quite like reading a book because I don't process auditory information as well as visual, but of all the books to listen to, TMiaB is pretty great because it's silly and amusing, and not too difficult to pick up the narrative thread after a break.

Parts of it reminded me of the episodes of Keep Turning Left that [personal profile] scrottie and I have been watching. Other parts of it just make me feel better about human nature at large. And I appreciated the rowing commentary, heh.

So I would add my own voice to recommend it, especially if you need some lighthearted reading material.

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Dec. 15th, 2017 09:26 pm (UTC)
Have you read Connie Willis's To Say Nothing of the Dog?
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