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Zelda update

Skip if you aren't interested in/don't want spoilers for details of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

Those darned little Koroks. Koroks are little forest characters who are hiding everywhere throughout the game. To find them, you generally have to put together a little puzzle or climb up to the highest points of things. Each one will give you a seed. The description of all of the seeds just says, "You never know what might happen if you collect a bunch!"

Very helpful. I have collected over 150 of them by now. Seems like more than a bunch. Nothing has happened. My sister, who isn't playing the game, has looked up enough additional information that I'm aware that I'm supposed to find/have found some specific Korok. I've found some hints suggesting it's somewhere near Kakariko Village, but haven't tracked it down yet.

I thought it might be the Korok at the top of the giant tree, who had a set of riddles for me to solve, so I focused efforts on solving its riddles. It basically described an item, and then I had to go and find that item and put it on a leaf in front of the Korok. If I'm successful, ____ will happen.

So, okay. Item one was an apple. Very easy. Item two was a tough pumpkin. Okay, those came from the Kakariko Village, so I could get one and bring it back. Based on the riddle, item 3 sounded like what I vaguely remembered to be something called a "voltfin trout."

The dickens if I could remember where to find one in the vast empire of the game. So I went running around, high and lo, to and fro, searching every body of water imaginable to see if I could figure out where these mythical trout lived.

I think I've spent around a week's worth of game-time running around on this search.

Last night, during one of those low-expectation phases where I'd resorted to just randomly stumbling around, I encountered an Octorok burrowing around in the snow. When I dispatched it, it left behind a voltfin trout. @#$%#$%# okay, fine. So much for all my fishing efforts.

I went back to the Korok and delivered my quarry, and SUCCESS, that's what it wanted. One last puzzle item to go! So close to figuring out the whole Korok mystery! The last puzzle item was something I already had on hand (Lynel hoof), so SUCCESS, hurrah!

...the Korok congratulated me and handed me a diamond as a prize.

...This was reminiscent of running around and collecting up 55 rushrooms for a side quest, which took a long time and resulted in a disappointing reward (some rupees, IIRC).

I am now much more severely tempted to look up more information on the darned Korok seeds. Other than that, I'm just about ready to just march into the castle and try my luck at defeating the main boss. Enough with these side quests!

Oh, and while out questing, I found the site of the final memory I was supposed to recover, which was actually part of the main quest.

This video game is a large timesink.

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