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After posting that silly Zelda story - last night I finally tracked down that one Korok I'd been wondering about for most of the game. Something of a *foreheadslap* moment, but it was nice to get things back to a point where I can just run around and have a good time and not feel like the game has turned into a slog, heh.

Today I got up, did a brief round on the erg, then packed things up and headed over to the Richmond Amtrak station. At some point, S texted something about the wind blowing, but I didn't have a chance to think about it until I was waiting at the train station. He'd suggested changing plans, but I was already at the train station and didn't see a way that changing plans would do much other than just aggravate me, so I forged ahead.

From the train station at Antioch, all the way over to the Antioch bridge, I had a very strong tailwind. That would mean a strong crosswind while crossing the bridge. But I figured, what the heck, I'll give it a go.

...let's just say I'm VERY glad I was on the Jolly Roger. Past a certain wind speed, the Jolly Roger is the best possible bike to be on because it's heavy. I still had to do a horrible amount of arm wrestling. And I almost made it all the way to the crest before I had to stop pedaling, get off, and push myself and the bike.

I walked all the way down the far side. Sometimes it was hard to walk. I was also tremendously grateful for the generous, three-foot-wide highway shoulder. I used the full width, trying to hold the bike straight.

So, a new bicycling rule: if the winds are forecasted to be over 25 mph, no bicycling.

Really, it was the gusts that were the problem, because they come up suddenly and require a bunch of quick handlebar-wrestling.

At one point, I went past a spot where a semi trailer went off the road. A giant truck with a winch was parked on the shoulder, preparing to extract the trailer from the field it fell into (on the river delta islands, the roads run along levees and are higher than the fields).

I had thought we would go kayaking while I was out at the marina. But now I'm not so sure. My arms and hands feel pretty trashed from the ordeal. In the midst of all the time I spent swearing in my head, I thought of [personal profile] ivy and her recent post about unusual exercises. I also thought about those videos that surface on the internet occasionally, of bike tourists laughing with a hint of hysteria in their voices while trying to pedal and stay upright in gale-force winds. It felt about like that, yeah.

Boaty McBoat is more roomy than Princess TinyHouse, which is nice. More seaworthy too, I suspect, although [personal profile] scrottie says that a number of the windows ("port lights") still leak, even after some repair efforts.

Boaty McBoat

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