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Zelda complete, sorta [video game chatter]

Last night, I determined that I didn't have any more excuses, so it was time to storm the castle and find out how difficult the final boss-battle was going to be.

...long story short, I was overprepared and underwhelmed by the epic-ness.

And I am *most* disappointed that the game concludes after the big boss is defeated. No opportunities to continue randomly exploring the game world and see what all the characters have to say! No more opportunities to solve side-quests. There are around 75 side-quests in the game, which is a LOT.

Oh well.

I saved the game right before the big boss-battle, so I can go back and keep poking around if I want.

But on the other hand, it's probably good to take a break from the game, because I've been playing it for somewhere between 2-3 months, and there are lots of other things that deserve my free time, heh.

Altogether, it's a large game, and there are some fun puzzles and elements to it, and also some elements that are silly, and other elements that are a bit annoying.

I would give it a thumbs-up for those looking for extensive video gaming entertainment.

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