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A sense of relief

I guess I've been feeling a pretty strong level of background stress over sorting out living arrangements in Arizona. I can tell because I'm on the verge of having that sorted out now, and the sense of relief is tremendously palpable. Palpable enough to chew on.

The place that I found is on the upper end of what I'd consider an acceptable price, but OTOH it's a nearly-autonomous 2-bedroom unit on the back end of a property in Hipstercompton, my old neighborhood in Tempe. It's also a direct rental from a human being who lives in the area, who understands my financial/working situation. I just couldn't convince myself to put up with apartment life, or with subleasing a room in a place shared with ASU undergrads. I need quiet space without other people in order to be able to concentrate and write.

It's unfurnished, so as I wrap things up here, I will pack all my belongings into a moving truck and will set up camp in Arizona up until the end of July. That gives me a good home base for activities in Arizona, plus some flexibility for traveling once my teaching obligations wrap up. I think I know enough people in the area to be sure of Emma care while traveling.

Of course, there's still plenty to do between now and then. No rest for the wicked.

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