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Plots, schemes, dreams

Now that I have finished knitting socks for my parents:
Freshly-knit socks

...I am dreaming of future projects.

I am horribly tempted to sign up for ceramics in Tempe. I'm still heartbroken about the death of my ceramics instructor (cancer several years ago), but I am certain that the ceramics community continues to be wonderful and persevere. I'll poke a friend into letting me go with her at least once to say hello to everyone and see if I can learn the recipe for Bridget's Cherie Jade glaze, but I am not sure it would be wise to commit to a full ceramics class (see: spreading self too thin; 2018 writing goals).

I am also itching to draw/paint insects, although I have this feeling that it's a false itch.

Thinking out loud about it - it raises a struggle I have with a lot of art forms. I have a limited amount of space for displaying pretty stuff to look at. In my two years in California, I never managed to rotate the artwork in the bedroom, so I'm reluctant to make more wall-art. On the other hand, I am extremely excited about eventually having an office of my own, which I can fill with science-art, so future wall-art opportunities are looking up. I could also make stuff to give to people, of course.

Ceramics pieces are more satisfying because they can be both aesthetically pleasing and functional. I am looking forward to getting reacquainted with certain things once I am situated in Arizona. The same goes for sewing projects and knitting projects.

Following up on my jeans-sewing adventure, I am tempted to try my hand at a button-down shirt. If I do so, I think I will have many questions about how to make the process go well. Jeans-making and other recent small sewing projects have taught me that I still have a lot to learn in terms of sewing and cutting technique, in order to ensure a clean look and a good fit. I also find fabric shopping almost as tedious as clothes-shopping.


Lastly, something very silly to dream about: a wooden 2x wherry, for adventures and picnics:

I think this is mostly inspired by reading Three Men in a Boat. In reality, [personal profile] scrottie and I should continue to put the kayaks to use.

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