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Buckwheat everything

I've been on a buckwheat kick recently. Bored of my usual pancake go-to recipe, I decided to make Buckwheat-Molasses Pancakes. But I accidentally bought too much buckwheat flour. Oh noes!

So then I made some buckwheat waffles. It had been a long time since [personal profile] scrottie and I'd had a waffle morning. We're a bit out of practice, so a lot of the waffles stuck to the waffle iron a bit. But never mind - they were DELICIOUS with bananas and lemon curd on top.

Yesterday morning I made Blueberry Buckwheat Scones and used up the remainder of the buckwheat flour. I cheated and used half-n-half instead of cream because that's what we had on hand, and I didn't do the 45-minute chilling step. They still came out quite tasty.

Then last night for dinner I had soba noodles with peanut sauce, scallions, and carrots. As I was cooking, I went, mentally, "Oh yeah - soba noodles are made from buckwheat." This peanut sauce recipe isn't my favorite, but at least it was pretty quick to put together.

Out of it all, I'd say the waffles were the most delicious.

I think that's it for buckwheat, for now. I am trying to clear out the pantry some, in advance of moving. I suppose a benefit of not having a tremendous amount of food storage space here is that there have been limits to how much stuff I could accumulate, heh.

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