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AZ Day 2 adventures

Another thing I'd forgotten: what it is like to NEED sunglasses.

Today has been slightly less crazy, mercifully.

Things successfully tackled:

1. Setting up the first online assignment run through the book publisher. I have VERY STRONG RESERVATIONS about handing over so much control to the publisher, but on the other hand, sure, out of the set of provided questions, there are a lot that should be useful study/practice questions. We'll see how much the students like/hate them.

2. Acquiring a laser pointer/slide advancer (I guess they're called "slide remotes" now). That involved a 2-mile walk over to Big Box Office Supply Shop #1, where it had been advertised by Big-Brand Search Engine as being available, only to discover that, to put it bluntly, 'twasn't. But then I discovered that Big Box Office Supply Shop #2 had a location basically across the street, and they had four kinds in stock, so, problem solved. Then another mile-long walk to campus. At least walking is nice exercise. I do wish I hadn't accidentally pummeled my feet last Thursday, though.

Originally, my PhD advisor had offered to loan me her slide pointer. She has her first class this afternoon, and this morning she discovered that her laser advancer's batteries had run out of juice. Oh noes! I loaned her my batteries.

3. Coming up with nice test questions for getting students going with their clickers.

4. Staying on top of the e-mails. I am hoping I can keep this compartmentalized as much as possible, but I have this huge fear of losing important things among all the student messages. I think I just have to keep that e-mail inbox as close to Inbox Zero as I can manage, and just schedule a set amount of time for e-mailing.

Things not so successfully tackled:

Getting the clicker software set up correctly. The tutorial video makes it sound simple, and perhaps it is, so long as somewhere via some back door my userinfo is correctly associated with the class I'm teaching.

Finishing up Lecture #2. Okay, this will get done soon.

Back at it. I am hoping to have enough time to maybe drink a beer by the end of the day, and maybe also make it to the hardware store. We shall see...

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