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Moving, bullet points

Thursday morning: pick up truck and start to load it. I had a notion of going over to S's storage unit first, to load up stuff there, but when I told him about plans for a farewell lunch on campus, he suggested loading up household stuff first, then going to the storage unit. He was correct.

By the time we were ready to head over to the storage unit, I discovered, to my horror, that the truck keys had gone missing. I was wearing an old pair of pants that have a hole in the key pocket. Where did I drop them??? At home, walking down to the BART station for lunch with the lab, on the train, at the lunch restaurant, on campus? Ughhhhhh...

S was feeling more level-headed than me, so he suggested that he start with a walk down to the BART station, with flashlights (yes, it was after dark). I decided I should go with him, and call the restaurant en route.

Long story short, I have used up all of my karma for the year, because the station agent had the key.

So then, back to the truck, over to the storage unit, where we managed to wrap things up just at the time the storage unit closes for the night (8 pm).

Home for pizza and beer with [personal profile] slydevil and [personal profile] sytharin. Boo, I miss them and P already.

Friday morning, we loaded in the plants and trees. The apple tree, unsurprisingly, was a project. S went down to the hardware store and bought a moving dolly. First he used it to move the fig tree, which was a good test for the major obstacles. The three front steps proved to be the most challenging.

For the apple, the first hurdle was loading the tree onto the dolly, because the wine barrel is heavy and hard to grip. Thankfully, A owns a set of moving straps. The two of us were able to use them to lift the tree, barely. Talk about a good squat workout.

The next hurdle happened in the side yard, where it became apparent that the tree was taller than the bushes. Those bushes were due for some pruning anyway, right?

Then, the three front steps. S had the idea to just fill in the stairs with some boards and bricks, because unfortunately we'd already loaded his car ramps into the storage unit. All things considered, his idea worked pretty smoothly. Last but not least, we brute-force pushed the dolly up the ramp and into the truck. Done.

Somewhere in there, one of the moving straps started to rip, I think from a combination of age/use and also possibly contact with the metal ring on the bottom of the apple barrel.

So by the time we were finally finished with loading everything up and tidying up around the house, it was already 2:30 pm on Friday. So much for doing the drive on Friday, but oh well and thank goodness for the 3-day weekend.

Next stop, Boaty McBoat, so S could drop off some things and pick up other things. It took a good 2-plus hours to get out there. One of the things we wanted to pick up was one of the two kayaks, so he would have a boat in Arizona to continue paddling (yay!). Just as we got back over to the moving truck with the kayak, S commented that hmm, it was a 17-foot kayak. Well, I had rented a 16-foot moving truck, so things could get interesting.

It took some extreme contortions, but we managed to get it to fit.

This photo is an accurate representation of what it was like:

Fully loaded 16-foot moving truck

It's also the only photo I had the wherewithal to take.

All things considered, we could have fit more stuff in the truck, if we'd had to. As it was, it was a reasonable fit. I would consider it a medium-advanced game of packing tetris. The storage pod and the Lincoln -> El Cerrito move were more difficult.

We started the actual drive at 6:30 pm Friday night. I drove until around 9:30 pm, when my eyes started to sting. My eyes tend to get dry at night when I'm tired. So after that, S drove up until Mojave, CA, where we got a bit of sleep. He said it felt like he was driving forever, and then he'd see another sign, and we'd only be 10 miles closer to Los Angeles. Emma, of course, wasn't especially happy about things, and let us know that she was cold and unhappy up until we got her heated cat dish set up under one of the beds in the motel room.

I drove for most of Saturday. Neither S nor I wanted to get anywhere near Los Angeles while driving the moving truck, so instead we cut through Bakersfield and connected up with I-40 and drove through the Mojave Desert. And wow, that desert is beautiful.

From Needles, we cut south and got back onto I-10, and got back to Tempe in the early evening.

Unloading the truck took about a quarter of the amount of time as loading it. Now the house is full of boxes, but they're basically organized, and it's back to work for me.

How Emma feels about moving:

How Emma feels about moving

(That lap quilt has been out of her reach for a long time. She was so happy to see it.)

Also, I missed my ceramics. Unpacking them has been like a reunion with old friends.

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