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Errandonee Weekend

Saturday morning, [personal profile] scrottie and I biked over to the Downtown Phoenix Farmer's Market. Wow, I've missed that market. Most of the same vendors were still there, with some new stuff added to the mix, such as a household composting business that will give you a 5-gallon bucket and some bokashi, and will then do pick ups and deliveries. Native Seed/SEARCH had a table, too, and seed packets and seedlings for sale.

I may or may not have been a little too giddy from it all. Not exactly cheap thrills, but good thrills.

From there, back to Tempe, then we swung by the place where S could get his kayak permit. Permit acquired, we continued on to Mesa to visit American Discount Grocery because S is obsessed with buying gallon-size cans of food. I was severely disgusted by the squishy log of American cheese he waved at me.

I think I also managed another trip to the hardware store in there somewhere.

Saturday evening, I busted out the drill and hand saw, got a few things up on the walls, replaced a missing kitchen cabinet shelf, and did my MacGyver repair on my IKEA Poang chair.

Sunday morning, I met up with some friends and we biked back to downtown Phoenix to participate in the Women's March at the state Capitol. Crowd estimates are around 20,000 people. It felt important to be part of that crowd. Stuff's pretty real in Arizona.

Returning to Tempe, by mid-afternoon, I then biked to one grocery store for cheese, and to another grocery store for everything else - staples.

My legs feel all right, but my butt is informing me that it has been a while since I've done this kind of riding. It has become soft.

I am looking forward to doing more of this sort of riding in the near future.

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