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Goodwill in AZ

At the closest Goodwill in California, I once found an old-school vacuum desiccator. It was difficult to decide to not buy it. I never really went there much. Too crowded, and the selection of stuff was picked-over and too pricey.

Right after we got to town in Arizona with the moving truck, [personal profile] scrottie suggested we go visit a Goodwill, just to see. Might as well. After all, we could haul home pretty much anything. So we stopped by the Goodwill near the SproutFlower Fake California Farmer's Market Grocery Store (can you tell how much I like the grocery stores here?).

I found a food dehydrator for $10 (who actually needs one in AZ anyway?), a medium-sized Cuisinart for $10, and a humidifier for $6. If you can help it, don't ever buy your small electronic devices new. Not just for the financial savings, but the environmental savings.

At first, it looked like the humidifier might be a dud. But then it magically started working. It's in a corner of the main room that is henceforth known as the "Seattle corner." I will post photos of DogTown eventually, but right now the house is still too chaotic.

We tested out the Cuisinart last night with a batch of dandelion pesto, and it worked great. A substantial improvement over my mini-cuisinart/blender combo that I got back in college.

Oh, and a new stovetop pressure cooker should show up sometime soon - early birthday gift from S.

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