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Probably forgetting to do something...

I tried to install a couple of bike hooks yesterday evening. At first, I was using a StudFinder on a wall, but it wasn't finding any studs. That seemed odd, so then I shrugged my shoulders and thought I'd try using some of those plastic screw anchors instead - the reasonably good ones, not the terrible ones, mind you.

The whole thing held together for about 5 minutes before it popped out and the Jolly Roger came crashing to the floor. At least the Jolly Roger is fairly indestructible.

A wall perpendicular to the original wall had a detectable stud, so now I'm figuring that the original wall isn't actually attached to any studs, and instead is just stuck onto the back part of the front house. So, one bike is now up, and I no longer know what I'm going to do with Froinlavin and Old Faithful in the long run because there really isn't room for them in the front hall.

But at least it's now almost possible to sit in the living room area in a normal fashion. Beforehand, all the furniture fit, but without any exposed floor space. It turns out there's a definite line between "cozy" and "cramped."

The back bedroom is still lined with boxes, two layers deep. I am thinking that maybe one more GORM shelf will help.

We are still waiting on mail from Large ISP plus finding a coaxial cable before we can set up home internet.

I am also still waiting on a replacement credit card. Maybe it's good to be forced to pay cash for everything.

I still need to go up to the DMV. I'm going to miss the voter registration deadline for a special election in March, though, and the next election won't be until August. I'm still going to register, at least.

I haven't done anything about health insurance yet. Ugh, adulting.

And I need to get this first multiple-choice exam written.

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Jan. 26th, 2018 09:52 pm (UTC)
Stud finders are useless. Best way to locate is to measure, 16" on center.
Jan. 26th, 2018 10:01 pm (UTC)
This one worked fantastically on the other wall, though. That said, I've had no luck using them on ceilings, heh. :^)
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