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Recurring dream progress

I've been having a recurring transportation-themed dream over the past several months, at least. Last night, it took some new turns.

In an early phase of last night's dream, I needed to leave the current scene with a dramatic exit. So I fell/jumped. It was the sort of fall that would ordinarily kill a person, but somehow I knew I could survive. It was more like what an insect experiences - because they are so much smaller and have an exoskeleton, they can survive comparatively larger falls than humans. But other people who were present may not have realized that I could survive, and so somehow it was important to fall/jump to snap a connection for a while.

When I landed, I was on the wrong side of town - this is where the transportation-themed portion started to factor in. "Town" in this case is a strange mental map of Seattle that includes things like the Pike Place Market, but dream-Seattle is compressed into a strange, egg-shaped space that doesn't quite make sense, and I am always trying to get somewhere else from wherever I am.

In prior versions of the dream, I have gotten horribly, nerve-wrackingly stuck in the subway system, which is maybe more like New York's system than any of the others I've ever ridden. Hard to say, exactly, because part of the dream is not being able to understand how the subway system actually works. It involves a convoluted schedule of trains and stations, where one must often make very counterintuitive moves in order to make it to the correct eventual destination. Lots of train stations with different train platforms wedged into odd corners, and train travel that is more like a roller coaster than a train.

There was also a portion of the present dream that involved crossing over a river, where the river was packed full of cars, slowly floating along in a car traffic jam. I felt unsympathetic as I crossed over.

Anyway, for whatever reason, while I was traversing the subway system (Blue Line Train, hurry, quick, take extra stairs and escalators to reach the obscure pocket of the train where it's boarding), I got super worried because I wasn't sure whether I had the correct fare for the train. But then, as these things sometimes go, I found myself pointing out to myself that I could just wait and pay up when I reached my destination station. It would be okay.

And fairly quickly, I did reach my destination, and friends and family were there waiting for me, and paid my fare. And it was okay.

...so does that mean that I have solved my recurring transportation dream? If so, how odd.

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