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ALL the Quaxing

I hope to eventually post some photos.

I did not photograph all of the quaxing, but here's the weekend rundown:


1. Groceries from SproutFlower California Farmer's Market Wanna-Be. Also some coaxial cables while we were there, from the Goodwill. It was hopping in there. Oh, and a couple of hardware store items and a few things from the bike shop. We struck out on fixing a kitchen outlet that shorted out, as the problem appears to be wiring-related and not due to something with the GCFI outlet failing. Also, none of the 20 or so styles of toilet flappers looks like it will quite fit on this toilet tank, so we still have to use the shut-off valve to keep things from leaking gallons of previous desert water.

2. Two wooden pallets from behind the strip mall.

3. Two more Gorms from Ikea. Okay, now they are called HEJNE, but for us they will forever be Gorms. There was only one other bicycle in the parking lot, and it looked like it belonged to an employee. Ikea was hopping. They now have vegetarian balls, so we visited the cafeteria and ate some. They also now sell a very nice-looking bike trailer, plus a sturdy and functional belt-driven bicycle and accessories.

4. Three more wooden pallets from behind a neighborhood coffeeshop. That was really one pallet too many, but it was a short trip so we were able to limp things home.


Sunday was just a single quaxing trip, but an interesting one. On Saturday we happened to encounter someone who was unloading fine-grade mulch from the back of his pickup truck, and who told us he got his mulch from a place called Singh Farms. The name rang a bell, faintly. When we looked things up, we learned that Singh Farms had recently won a bid to take over an old Tempe golf course, and was still selling organic garden soil and mulch by the yard or by the sack. So it was a short bike ride up the greenbelt to get there.

We managed to fit two burlap coffee bags full of mulch onto the kiddie trailer, and a third bag of mulch onto the kayak trailer, and then very slowly rode home. Each bag maybe weighed over 100 pounds. Not bad. I just hope the kiddie trailer didn't get TOO stressed by the trip.

So S then spent the afternoon cobbling the pallets together, mixing soil with the mulch, and transplanting a handful of tomato plants and other starts into the pallet and a set of 5-gallon buckets. Tomatoes are imperative, what can I say.

Meanwhile, I got Froinlavin and Old Faithful hooked onto a living room wall, assembled my Gorm, and basically got things about as organized as can be. The back bedroom now feels much less claustrophobic. And I finished writing my first exam and did a 2k erg test piece.

I want to get artwork hung up, and then maybe things will be in good enough shape for photos inside.

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