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Gave my first exam today. After chatting with some of the faculty in my area, I decided to let the students keep their exam questions after they finished - they only had to hand in their answer sheets for machine grading. Based on the clarifying questions that students asked, I think I managed to write a reasonable exam. Now we shall see how they did on it. I'm nervous for them, but hopeful.

Crazy event: one student apparently had food poisoning, and had to pause in the middle to go throw up. Ack, student, but damn, you're tough. I probably should have sent them home, but to some extent that's the student's call.

Once I'd turned in the exam sheets to the testing center (obscure off-campus building), I headed home and called back the internet person, who was right there, waiting. He'd already looked at all of the exterior wiring, so all he needed to do was tell someone the numbers on the bottom of the modem.

So I think I wound up eating lunch at around 3:30 pm, and am utterly braindead now.

Then again, maybe the braindeath was due to waking up early to watch the super-blue-blood moon. I got up at 4:55 am, then set alarms to go off every 13 minutes so I could catnap and then check on the moon's progress.

Pretty sure it was the exam, though.

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