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Shifters and cutlery

The Jolly Roger's front shifter gummed up again several weeks ago, but I haven't had the wherewithal to do anything about it. OTOH I want to get out and do more fitness rides, so today seemed like a good day to finally swap out the trigger shifters for the thumb shifters (single lever that can be run indexed or friction). And while I was doing that, well, I should really clean my drivetrain, shouldn't I? And once all that was situated, it was lunchtime already.

So I had a post-lunch shakedown ride. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the thumb shifters were WAY better than the trigger shifters had been. I followed the old People's Ride route, just to see how it felt and get a sense as to my current fitness level. I had a tailwind on the uphill leg, so things felt fast and fun. A good reminder as to why I like bicycling - it can be fun!

On the return, I took a quick detour over to Fashion Square Mall to search for a grapefruit spoon. We've been low on them ever since the TSA confiscated mine on my way to the job interview in New York. Kitchen Supply Chain Store 1 had relocated deep into the bowels of the mall, which was annoying but surmountable. They only had a single type of grapefruit spoon, and it wasn't great, but I bought one anyway. On my way back out of the depths, I decided to see what KSCS 2 and KSCS 3 had to offer. KSCS 2 had some strangely shaped ones that didn't look any better. KSCS 3 had one that looked great, but cost $14. That's too far outside of my price range for grapefruit spoons.

I took a second detour towards the end, to visit a Goodwill that [personal profile] scrottie and I know as "The one with all the silverware." I'm low on butter knives, and I don't like modern cutlery anyway.

They've become like most other Goodwills, where the only cutlery they now have is batched in bags. At least now I know not to bother going back, I suppose.

So I ordered some used cutlery on the internet instead.

Now I need to bake a couple of things and work on my lectures for this week.

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