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Boat fit: Princesses and peas

I tried to grab a set of oars this morning that had the proper grip size, but I didn't. The larger grips were so terrible that I cut my lap short and went back to the dock to swap them out for a better set. The second set were an improvement, at least.

There were two coaching launches out on the lake, with groups of boats. I wouldn't say that I've missed trying to row through the wakes that bounce off of the concrete walls of Tempe Town Lake. Thankfully, both launches were off the water before I'd wrapped up, so I got in at least a little bit of peaceful rowing.

Tempe Town Lake is full of dead fish right now. Running into a dead fish's body with a rowing shell is a creepy experience.

I missed a cooler that was floating in the water by a mere inch. I don't know what would have happened if I'd smacked it with an oar, but that probably would have meant some swimming.

I'd forgotten how much I hate Vespoli seats. They have never been comfortable.

I'm also disliking the adjustable shoes - wrong foot angle and too much slop. The shoes, seat, and boat hull shape are all conspiring to make it extra difficult to row cleanly.

I miss the BAP, and the blue Hudson, and the silver Kaschper, and the amazing BPRC teammates.


Maybe I should get on the erg until my attitude improves.

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