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Photos, Lemon Curd Tragedy, Helga

First, a couple of photos. From yesterday's ride:

Phoenix Mountains Preserve looking south:
Phoenix Mountains Preserve
I mean, WOAH, it's dry, but also, it's so amazing that there are parks like this embedded in the Greater Phoenix Suburbopolitan Area.

Cross-cut Canal in Papago Park:
Cross-cut canal

Also, surprise flowers from my uncle for my birthday. I had to put them up high so Emma wouldn't try to eat them. Silly cat. Reading Man likes them, too.

Second, this morning, I decided I should make pancakes, but I keep feeling this sense of a dilemma because what with moving and everything I don't have access to freezer stockpiles of rhubarb or berries. Those are my usual go-to items for pancake toppings because I don't like syrup. Finally, I remembered that I'd been saving a jar of lemon curd from my sister-in-law. I got about halfway through pancake-making before I had a moment to pop open the jar of curd, and discovered a lovely little mold culture growing on top. Sigh.

So then, well, at least I had some lemon juice I'd saved in the freezer from the big bunch of Meyer lemons that she and my brother brought up from their tree. So I could just make my own curd. Fine. If only I could figure out how to get the frozen juice out of the glass canning jar. Unfortunately, the heat differential from pouring hot water around the jar was too much stress for the glass, and it cracked. Fortunately, it was still sufficiently intact that I could still extract out the mostly-frozen lemon juice. Unfortunately, a chip of glass fell into the mixture of melted butter and half-frozen lemon juice. But then fortunately, I was able to fish it out. THANK GOODNESS. But when something like this happens, it sure makes me wonder what the universe is trying to tell me, heh.

Third, after breakfast, I got to enjoy some quality Sunday morning Helga time, and deal with a whole host of small irritating things. That included things like window-washing (so now I can look THROUGH the window instead of looking AT it), sweeping and mopping all of the tile, sprucing up the dining room table, and straightening out and reinstalling a window screen on the kitchen window. I feel so much better after getting these things out of the way, and now the house FINALLY feels civilized enough to let other people see it. People such as my parents, who are coming for a visit this afternoon. Ahem.

I still haven't resumed tackling the neverending toilet repair saga, but found another titillating internet video on how to replace the rubber gasket seal between the toilet tank and the bowl. I feel like I have learned a lot about toilets recently. So maybe I'll get to that next weekend. We shall see.

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