Rebecca (rebeccmeister) wrote,


Today's lecture began with a warning from the lecture computer about connectivity for something not working right. Clicking OK caused the machine to log me off and then it entered some sort of short-term death spiral. A hard reset broke that cycle and then I could just click "cancel" on the unresolved connectivity issue.

Then I realized I hadn't brought my phone with me for the purpose of two-factor authentication so as to be able to access the software for clicker questions. The most frustrating part of that was watching some students decide to get up and leave.

Then the microphone misbehaved again, probably because I was wearing it slightly too low and the jiggling caused it to cut in and out.

And I didn't like the flow of the second half of the lecture. Too many lists and details. I don't have a good grasp on how to streamline the senses. But I will just have to pick myself back up and keep at it for Wednesday's lecture.

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