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Clogs and leaks

Saturday deserves its own, separate post, but Sunday first.

Sunday morning I worked on annoying kitchen projects, like reattaching the front of the drawer that I had worked on earlier (the slides work fantastically enough now that we're using it, so of course the screws holding on the front worked loose). I also blocked off the hole in the corner, so of course now Emma's yelling about the fact that she remembers the hole and it's no longer there. S was concerned that that whole corner is an entry point for unwanted houseguests (cockroaches, rats), so I also had to go in and put a board over another hole inside of the corner cupboard. These quirky bits are all because someone, at some point, salvaged these cabinets and installed them in DogTown.

And then I made it just in time to have lunch with [personal profile] coinneachf at Haji Baba, yay! That made me feel like I should find out more about community things for cat people, even if that's an oxymoron, heh. I also may or may not have come home with a box of jaffa cakes, some aleppo pepper, and some of [personal profile] scrottie's favorite salsa from Food City.

The afternoon wound up being way less productive than the morning. I finally rolled up my sleeves and took the tank off the toilet, and immediately decided that the instructional videos were right about the need for a set of slip-joint pliers. So! To the hardware store. Then there was a bunch of clanging around with wrenches and such, and then I got everything reassembled, turned the water back on, and...still a leak. YARGH. Based on the appearance of part of the seal from the old flush valve, there's probably an issue with the same spot somehow. So maybe I need to tighten the giant plastic ring further, or add in some sort of extra seal, or ???? Regardless, the project is involved enough that it will have to wait until next weekend, at the earliest.

So that's the leak. Meanwhile, the clog. Earwax. Cursed stuff. I FINALLY managed to loosen that up this morning, thank goodness, but as of Friday afternoon I could only hear out of one ear, which gets old really fast.

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