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I have a long bike ride planned for tomorrow, so I've been trying to get adult miscellanea done today. That meant biking over to the SproutFlower this morning. That grocery store...makes me feel a certain sort of deep rage. I can't fully explain it, but it's tied to things like the way the bulk bins are set up, where there isn't a way to keep the lid open as you try to scoop out the contents. They're bulk bins designed to look attractive even while they're not fully functional, as highlighted by the fact that there are SOME useful things in bulk, but a lot of things that are missing. (in contrast, the bulk sections at Monterey Market and Berkeley Bowl were extensive, and clearly heavily used). Actually, that basically summarizes the SproutFlower experience - SOME stuff is all right, but parts of the inventory are completely lacking.

Thankfully, I received a text from [personal profile] scrottie saying that the Clark Park farmer's market was happening. For some reason, I'd been thinking it takes places on Sundays, but it I guess I got my wires crossed on that one. When I finally made it over to the market, near closing time, S walked me over to a booth run by the TigerMountain Foundation, which had all the mustard greens that I couldn't find at SproutFlower, plus a whole host of other things they were hoping to move along because closing time was fast approaching for the market. I was thrilled to learn of their mission to connect people to gardening and growing their own food, in addition to teaching people valuable skills and helping them to develop a good work ethic. One of their gardens is in a historically black, underserved community. It's challenging to bike over there from where I live*, but on the other hand it's on the way towards South Mountain, so I'm hopeful about making it over there for one of the upcoming events in the garden.

That's the funny thing about living out here. A whole lot of stuff in the greater metro area is depressingly half-assed, but then there are people working to do good things that are in the mix, too. As another example, I noticed a booth run by Syrian refugees at the Phoenix Farmer's Market, and there are several other immigrant/refugee initiatives that participate in the Phoenix Farmer's Market, too.

*As I said, historically black, underserved.

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