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Music challenges

After my old Sansa Clipp started to run out of juice every single time I used it, I got a new one, figuring I was familiar with how they function. I also really liked the fact that I could just clip it onto my shoulder while erging and easily change songs. I can't do that with my smart-o-phone, plus the smart-o-phone is too cumbersome. Well, the new one died some form of inexplicable electronic death after only a couple months of use.

Some time ago, I got to reading about CD players, and worked up the motivation to clean the lens on the boombox I've had since college. That revived the thing, up until a week or two ago. Now it's gone back to failure, even after re-cleaning the lens with rubbing alcohol.

So I dug out the portable CD player that I got for "free" with some crappy BOSE headphones* a while back, to try running CDs off of it, using the boombox as speakers. But I'd forgotten that at some point a small plastic latch mechanism broke on it, so it refuses to play CDs because it thinks the lid is always open.

Oh, also, this doesn't relate to music, but the other day the $10 humidifier stopped spitting out humid air and started spitting out "electrical burning smell" air. So hmm.

The thing that I hate even more than the thought of having to toss or otherwise dispose of all these things is trying to figure out what to do instead. I still hate having to futz with playlists, for instance, and don't like playing music off my computer when I'm at home.

*Those supposedly fancy noise-canceling headphones ALWAYS have plastic failures at a crucial joint, and the company has no plans to change the design.

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