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How now [rowing, mostly]

Last night, I read the chapters on greppin' in Practical Computing for Biologists. They were cute, and nice and well-organized. But I'm reminded of the day when I was trying to explain some woes to [personal profile] scrottie, and he just gave me this funny look and said, "Umm, you know about wildcards, don't you?" And uhh, no, I didn't, at the time. Up next are command line and shell scripting basics, which will also be fun. For me, the purpose of this exercise is just to see what it looks like when all this stuff is in one place, so I have at least some loose notion of what to cover if I wind up teaching the grad students out of this book. (I've been roped into leading an R/programming workshop in May)

Then I switched over to SERIOUS Training for Endurance Athletes for a bit, as mentioned yesterday. Unsurprisingly, it's a good book. I hadn't appreciated that it would take a multi-year perspective on training, but I'm so glad to find that it does. And that helps to explain some things about how the Serious Double has been managing to keep on going, year after year. I mean, I've had plenty of experience with preparing for shorter-term endeavors on the scale of 3-6 months, so that aspect of dividing up one's training isn't anything new. But for me at this stage it's helpful to be able to put everything into the even broader context, so I can start to think about things like how to fit together my rowing and bicycling ambitions into a realistic timeframe and approach that keeps everything fun and rewarding.

Up until now, I've been kind of operating in a holding pattern. Really that's been the case for the past 1.5 years or so. It felt good to be able to comfortably and happily finish that 200k a few weeks ago, but I still don't have a clear sense of routine out here, or sense of where I'm headed, athletically, over the next year or so. The book is a good source of encouragement and ideas for how to take stock of where I am and then look on ahead.

In the meantime, this morning, I decided to just get up and row - no fancy pieces or anything. The water was wonderfully flat, and it felt good to get out and go.

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