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Bits and bobs [mostly rowing training]

Altogether, this was a fairly quiet weekend. It feels as though it has been a tremendously long time since I've had space and time for real reflection. But it also feels necessary: I need to be able to read the scientific literature and think over challenging questions, but that's hard to do when my mental to-do list is constantly chattering away.

So I stuck to small ambitions: got the house cleaned up, polished the wood furniture, went grocery shopping. I also tracked down names and dates for rowing and bicycling in/around New York, which is a starting point for deciding how to organize my exercise time up until then. [side note: the rowing club I will almost certainly join basically has 6 weeks of back-to-back regattas in the fall (!)]

And I finished a first test piece for the purpose of planning out training up until then. As with a lot of endurance training stuff, the SERIOUS book uses target heart rates to help athletes figure out appropriate training intensities. The idea is to use one's heart rate as a starting point for determining the appropriate intensity, then to reach a point where one has an intuitive sense of where this intensity is.

For the most part, I've used the opposite approach for rowing: for erging, I've figured out my goal paces for various distances, and then determined the appropriate pace for a given workout based on calculations for appropriate 500m splits (=power output). In doing so, I have noticed that there are definite discrepancies between what's calculated vs. what I'm capable of at different distances. So it makes sense to try and approach things from a different angle.

The test piece, in this case, was a 5k, erged at my anaerobic threshold. In addition to keeping an eye on my split, I also kept an eye on my heart rate, because my main goal was to determine my heart rate at my anaerobic threshold.

My next efforts will be to determine whether it will be worthwhile to do testing to figure out my max heart rate, and to see if I can figure out a way to track my heart rate on the water. Annoyingly, my SpeedCoach doesn't seem to be able to pick up the signal from the Garmin heart strap that I got with the erg. I have no idea whether the SpeedCoach is supposed to be able to do so, or whether it only talks to very specific kinds of monitors. If it's the latter, I'll be annoyed, because that could mean more crazy device management. It would be most ideal to have something that's transferable across erg, bicycle, and boat, with minimal excess gadgetry. But I highly doubt I'll find something that will work across all contexts.

[I should note that wrist-based devices are terrible for me for rowing]

I'm also looking forward to the idea of including hiking in my mix of activities while out here. I haven't gotten to do nearly enough hiking in recent years.

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Mar. 14th, 2018 02:03 am (UTC)
Garmin 935 for multi-sports
Hi Rebecca,

Just wondering whether you've considered the Garmin 935, a multi-sport watch that can track HR & stats for multiple sports including running, cycling, erging, rowing, etc. I use mine with a chest strap for cycling and running and its wrist function for non athletic activities. No experience with its edging or rowing.

On the sinus front, don't know whether you've tried a Grossman Hydro Pulse for nasal irrigation but I they can be pretty effective. (Boil tap water for one minute if not using distilled water.)

And Nasacort OTC is effective to get you through pollen season if all else fails.

Jim Duncan
Mar. 14th, 2018 05:01 pm (UTC)
Re: Garmin 935 for multi-sports
Hi Jim,

First, good to hear from you! :^)

Ooo, good to know that the Garmin 935 can be used with a chest strap - that would indeed fit the bill. Thank you! It isn't cheap but I think it's what I'm looking for.

For sinuses - I haven't done much on the nasal irrigation front, but that's on the agenda for this afternoon. I'll look into those options for sure!
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