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Possible reasons for sinus headaches: dry air, pollen, not eating enough, getting sick, dehydration, ____???

I dealt with yesterday's headache by taking a painkiller - not my preferred method, but quick, at least. There have been cases in the past where that has been the only thing to end them. But the headache came back again this morning, after rowing. By now I have progressively: taken an antihistamine, made mint tea, eaten more food, closed all the windows, and turned on the indoor air filter. I may progress to a painkiller again soon. I also ordered a replacement humidifier and am looking into [profile] manintheboat's expert recommendations. That said, pollen levels are extremely high here right now, bleah.


I sat in on my co-instructor's first lecture yesterday. The students really do seem to appreciate the small indicators that someone cares and is trying at this large, public university. It was also reassuring to see that I have indeed set them up well for the second half of the semester. I also learned in a meeting last week of some interesting quirks in how physiology gets taught here. The quirks were reassuring: I'd been feeling concerned that a single semester of physiology isn't really sufficient. But there are subsequent courses available to help reinforce and extend the concepts we cover.


Other misc. distractions: reading through applications for travel awards, gearing up to lead a (mostly) R workshop in May, passing along some plant samples to a graduate student (typing up field notes), giving a couple of research presentations this Friday and next.

These things are easier to tackle than the larger academic questions. The current sticky question involves how to improve the theoretical framework for a half-written manuscript for an area of the literature I don't know especially well, on links between nutrition, reproduction, and lifespan. It's hard to hold onto thoughts through a headache, as many of you well know.

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