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This obnoxious sinus headache finally quieted at around noon today. I'm still teetering on the edge, but can think and get things done, THANK GOODNESS. Thank you to all of you who offered various recommendations on that front.

Things I am currently reading:

Lots of dense academic papers on the relationship (or lack thereof) between diet, reproduction, and lifespan. This stuff is challenging to keep organized, but I need to get it all straight in my mind to be able to put a cricket manuscript in the proper context (=make it interesting/relevant to a wider audience). Today I focused on a paper from 1998 that was highly critical of some of the work of my postdoc mentor in Nebraska, which was interesting. The criticisms were legitimate, and my postdoc mentor took them into account in subsequent work. The paper also got me to think about my project from a new, different angle, which is good because I've been feeling stuck. Thinking is hard, especially when one is out of practice.

Practical Computing for Biologists: This continues to be a great book, although it's a little funny to be reading the chapters on shell commands and shell scripting at this stage. On the other hand, it's SUPER NICE to know that someone has put all these things in one well-organized, clearly explained place.

On the home front, I'm still in the middle of the SERIOUS Training book. Yesterday's headache meant a sporadic working schedule, which was frustrating. I have to engage in a lot of self-talk about how it's okay to have days that aren't 100% productive. <-- that statement may sound eerily familiar to some of you.

I also went on an ordering spree yesterday, and finally ordered copies of 2 books published in 1992, both about life history evolution. They get cited over and over again. Every time I've tried to track down a copy of either book at my current academic institution, I invariably find that the books have been checked out and are sitting on some grad student or professor's bookshelf. More dry academic reading for me.

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