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In the garden again

I was going to go hiking today. But other ambitions interfered. [personal profile] scrottie came to join me when I went to take photos of the backyard to show you:

Here's the main portion of the yard:
Az gardening
You can't really see the mulch-poo pile, but it's behind that small, dead tree in the middle. The cacti and succulents are off to the right, and the back patio is to the left of the bougainvillea. The patch of surviving grass in the front is where the other tenants' dog goes pee.

Here's S's container garden on the back patio, built out of pallet wood:
Az gardening
The new "gate" I made yesterday is behind our water heater, on the right side. Ehh, it'll do.

After our morning garden chat, I changed my mind about the day's plans. Instead of hiking, I rode over to Singh Meadows, with the bike trailer in tow. I had them load up the trailer with one bag of their soil/mulch mix for raised beds, then turned and headed home, threading my way through throngs of very green runners along the lake path. When I got home, I tipped the coffee sack out of the trailer, turned around, and headed back to the farm. On the second trip, the guy at the farm asked how far I was riding, and I didn't know, so I guessed around 3 miles. I set my odometer to check for the third trip, and discovered it was more like 4.5 miles in one direction. So, 27 miles hauling a trailer and mulch. Basically FLAT miles, mind you.

On my third trip, just as I reached the marina on the north side of the lake, I started to notice a strange noise and feeling: one of the trailer tires had gone flat. Weighing my options, I decided to keep heading towards home at a much slower speed, around 5 miles per hour. I didn't have supplies with me to fix the flat, and the bag of soil was so heavy that it would have been really hard to pull the trailer wheel off then and there.

Eventually, I made it home, had some lunch, and then S helped me dump the 3 bags of soil plus 2 more coffee bags full of mulch into the other part of the pallet garden.

Oh, on my third trip up to Singh Farms, I also finally noticed this:
Az gardening

So if we want more mulch, we don't need to travel nearly so far anymore.

I am going to wait until the sun goes down before I go back out to the back patio to work on constructing a shade structure for the plants.

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