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Coffeeshop bike rides

Technical question: can I issue a negative point (-1) if a coffeeshop appears to have ceramic mugs, I ask for one, and then my latte is delivered in a paper cup?

Slight backstory: my former neighbor is a huge coffee aficionado. While the coffeeshop options in the Greater Phoenix Suburb-o-Politan area have greatly expanded since my early explorations back in 2003, the quality of the options still varies. My neighbor had recommended a place just to the east of campus, adjacent to a formerly local brewpub that sold out several years ago, as one of only two places she'll visit. (the other place is in Phoenix and is good, but the atmosphere got weird and S can't go there because of pesticides). So I worked up the motivation/coordination to visit this spot.

Meanwhile, [personal profile] scrottie has been going over to the first reasonably good coffeeshop that appeared in Tempe (by my standards), which is located on the west side of campus, in our neighborhood.

But at this point, both places have committed the paper cup crime. The neighborhood joint has done this more than once. In Arizona, mediocrity reigns supreme.

...none of this is as bad as that one flourishingly bad coffeeshop in downtown Phoenix, at least.

Still. I guess I'd better just carry my own cup absolutely everywhere, all the time, if I intend to consume beverages made by other people.

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