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Sandy Eggo stream-of-consciousness

On the drive out, I stopped by Dateland and also Pine Valley. Dateland got renovated at some point. It's no longer a greasy diner. Instead, it's a Quiznos and an ice cream counter. Still lots of dates for sale.

There still isn't much to Pine Valley. It's on the fringes of where the population density starts to skyrocket. The Cleveland National Forest is all right as a place to go ant-hunting if you're looking for seed-harvester ants. I'd never seen it during the growing season. There's a bit of green right now.

We're borrowing a boat from a team that has always been an abstraction to me - abstract, unknown, strong and fast rivals. Their boathouse is simple but highly functional, right on the beach. I can see how people who live here just live outdoors, and become strong and fierce because they're always moving and the weather is never/rarely an impediment. I still prefer more brooding weather - clouds, rain, darkness, gloomy shadows. I find the geography of this place challenging to understand.

Our first race will be at 12:08 today, against some teams that I know will be strong and fast. I'm racing in a boat where yesterday was the first day back out on the water since the fall. This is not an easy regatta for teams coming from places that have real winter. But that's all right - at least I won't feel like I'm holding the whole boat back. Rowing in an 8+ is strange after so much time in the 1x. But that's all right, too.

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