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Teh Internets

A blogger whose blog I read periodically recently posted about migrating her website, in addition to posting about her recent decision to leave other social media platforms. In her post about migrating her website, she linked to an essay titled Tending the Digital Commons: A Small Ethics Toward the Future, which includes some comments about skills that people should be taught to empower them to create their own spaces on the web in lieu of solely being dependent on the factory-spaces created and maintained by others. (good, but substantial essay overall; I'd recommend reading the whole thing)

This arrived right on the heels of a funny moment: I finally updated my website at the beginning of this week. [It's mostly an academic site at the moment] I want to make more changes, but the current updates were overdue anyway, so it's a start. The direct motivation for the updates was because I'll be leading another workshop on R in early May, and wanted to post the tentative schedule on my Learn R resources page.

There were broken links, left and right, all over my website, because academic institutions like to redesign their websites every 6 months. I fixed a bunch of them.

I also finally figured out how to quickly convert all of my recipes into text files (so easy at the command line, heh). I haven't attempted to go through and fix any weird formatting that has resulted, but the text conversion will finally make it possible for me to check ingredients on my smart-o-phone while I'm at the grocery store, hurrah! Note that there isn't a link to my recipe index from my homepage because a postdoc mentor of mine said they thought it was too unprofessional.

In the process of getting organized for the R workshop, one of the grad student leaders asked, "Can we put all the materials for the workshop onto Google Drive?" and I think he might have been a bit taken aback by my vehement and immediate, "NO!" and subsequent explanation of why it would be better to host the content on Not-Oogley-Googley. (I'm pretty sure all of you already understand this).

I still need to learn more about working with cascading stylesheets, and I need to learn more about options for shifting my photo-hosting over to my website instead of depending on Flickr. On the other hand, there's the whole "community" aspect to Flickr, they've got nice photo-organizing systems, and at least they've got a paid business structure. So, unresolved dilemma, I suppose.

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