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Centering [ceramics]

Ceramics last night. I decided to throw things. (no, not literally) I used 15 lbs of Rod's Bod to make 3 big bowls. Centering that much clay made me sweat and made my hands and arms tired, in a good way. I wound up using a wheel that had no modulation ability left. I eventually just set the pedal up on the wheel stand and adjusted its speed by hand. I don't remember that wheel acting that way, 7 years ago when I was last taking ceramics there.

Then I tried switching to porcelain. I...made shapes, but not shapely shapes. That's okay.

Throwing isn't quite like riding a bike. I'd forgotten which way I'd been operating the wheel to throw. Left-handed problems. (counterclockwise, the right-handed way)

But I did remember to change how I was looking and feeling. Don't watch the clay - look through it, watch your hands. Steady hands to guide the clay.

I'll try again with the porcelain next week, since I've already run through my whole 25-lb bag of Rod's Bod already. I should probably get more so I can keep making interesting planters.

Marjon's sold electric wheels. They cost a couple hundred dollars. Reasonably-sized electric kilns that can go up to cone 10 are between 2 and 3 grand, but there's also the need for a 240 volt outlet, the operation costs, glazes, and proper safety setup. More hypotheticals.

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