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Phoenix love, in bits and pieces

[personal profile] scrottie and I spent most of the day riding our bikes around town to various food-getting destinations. While on our way to the downtown Phx Farmer's Market, riding past Ranch Market, S said, "Oh, hey, I wonder if they have good tortillas at that tortilleria." I'd been thinking about stopping there anyway, so I quickly changed trajectories and we stopped.

I'm pretty sure the last time I ever visited that Ranch Market was about 15 years ago, when I went looking for (and found!) caster sugar, for perfecting my cupcake recipe. Between then and now, I've learned a lot more about Mexican cuisine. We pounced with glee upon the bags of freshly-roasted Hatch chilis. And while none of the fresh-made tortillas were whole wheat, they had the same brand of reasonably good tortillas as we'd found in California (Guerrero). In a nutshell: we left with a nice haul of favorites. Not bad for a spur-of-the-moment stop.

Our first stop at the farmer's market was Maya's booth. She runs the Farm at South Mountain and has been a long-time Phoenix Farmer's Market participant. She brings wonderful bouquets of flowers that look like the bouquets you'd make if you had a big backyard full of flowers - i.e. the opposite anything you'll ever find at a florist.

Another booth had honest-to-goodness organically-grown Arizona strawberries. They weren't cheap but they are so worth it, to me.

Organic, Arizona-grown strawberries

They aren't as delicious as that one source of strawberries I finally found at Monterey Market, but they're still head-and-shoulders above pretty much anything else we could hope to find in Arizona.

Then, on our ride home, we spotted a house giving away free grapefruit. The contrast in citrus availability between Arizona and Texas still boggles my mind a little. Everything grows in Texas as well as it grows in Arizona, but we would never see free citrus anywhere, I guess because of cultural differences in whether people cultivate their own fruit trees or share with others.

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