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Good times with good people

[personal profile] dichroic is in town this week for work, so we had ourselves a lovely Arizona Outlaws reunion dinner last night, at Culinary Dropout, a newish restaurant on Farmer Ave. Rowing people are the best! Unsurprisingly, we talked about boats of all kinds, and all of our current life adventures. It was so good to catch up with longtime friends.

Today is Bike to Work Day in Arizona. By the time we reach May, it starts to get too hot for a lot of people, so Arizona celebrates Bike Month in April instead.

My bike commute, as 'twere, is very short here, so we got up early to enjoy a more extended Bike to Work. In other words, I managed to trick [personal profile] scrottie into a Coffeeshop Bike Ride!

Our first stop was Steve's Espresso, down at Baseline and McClintock. That corner is a bit out-of-the-way for me in general, so BTWD was a nice excuse to go down and check things out. Steve's did not disappoint: they had yummy fresh-baked scones and croissants for the riders, and wonderful lattes as well.

Coffee at Steve's Espresso

Then we rode on the McClintock bike lanes up to Back East Bagels for our second stop.

By the time we rode back home, people were finally starting to wake up enough to notice that S was riding a tallbike, heh.

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