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Two things that make my heart happy

1. This interview of Diana Kennedy, who is a 95-year-old cookbook author living in Mexico. In the accompanying video, she talks about the importance of working to to counteract forces of climate change. Reading this makes me want to visit Mexico and see where she lives. If nothing else, I like being able to imagine what her house and land must be like.

2. [personal profile] scrottie and I keep occasionally talking about what it would take to add some extra sway bars onto my rear rack, to keep my panniers from bumping into the fender stays, causing the fender to rub on the rear tire. (part of the problem is that I have a fat tire on there at the moment). I don't know how easy or hard it would be to work with the metal alloy of the existing rack, but this caused me to look up "bike hacks" and encounter two sites that are simultaneously uplifting and cringe-inducing:

(If you pore through this one, you'll discover a link for how to make your own DIY welder out of two old microwaves. I recognize one of the microwave models from my childhood!)

http://www.bikehacks.com/bikehacks/rack/ (alas, this site looks like it may be headed towards the internet graveyard)


I finished data entry last week, and so am back to the harder questions, like how to consolidate and analyze the data. As if I needed even more data to analyze.

This Friday to Saturday, I'm leading another R/programming workshop, for the grad students here. Given some interest among the students in learning more programming-oriented skills, I decided to include an introductory module on Unix and shell scripting. I find it hilarious that I'm the person who will be teaching this stuff, but OTOH for a workshop like this one I think I'm perfectly capable of getting people started and pointed in the right direction(s).

Back to work.

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May. 4th, 2018 02:43 am (UTC)
Diana Kennedy
Hi Rebecca,

Thanks for Kennedy link; very fun read and bonus was I could pass the link on to my niece who lives in Oaxaca, Mexico and is a big Kennedy fan.
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