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Sourdough lessons

(in slightly less-grumpy news)

If you keep your sourdough starter in a glass Mason jar, and drop it on the tile floor, the jar will shatter into a million pieces. Cleaning up the mixture of sticky sourdough starter and shards of broken glass will not be easy.

If you nonetheless attempt to salvage some of the starter, rest assured that there will still be shards of glass mixed in with the starter.

If you want to separate the starter from the glass shards, mix it with water and gently massage the mixture with your fingertips. Remove any shards of glass you find.

Then, once the mixture is loose enough, run the starter through a mesh sieve, again being careful to avoid embedding glass shards into yourself or your implements. (you might be surprised by just how elastic and sticky the gluten strands are)

After that, repeat the process by running the starter through some cheesecloth. Disposable cheesecloth is probably easier than reusable cheesecloth; cleaning sourdough starter out of reusable cheesecloth is a chore.

...now hopefully I can bake a loaf of bread that won't contain more glass shards.


I have also decided that henceforth I need to self-ban myself from the Tweet-machine to the same standards as from the Book of Face. No-Fun Rebecca strikes again!

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