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[personal profile] scrottie and I went to see Eroica - An Evening at the Garden last night - a ballet performance by Arizona Ballet held outdoors at the Desert Botanical Garden. Altogether a fantastic performance, although I find I am often shocked by the terrible and rude behavior of audience members. I tend to favor more modern dance over traditional ballet, but this performance was a good marriage of classical methods with modern choreography.

In other dances, I wound up concluding that the simplest course of action for dealing with that darned bicycling train crossing ticket was to pay a diversion fee and take an online "Bicycle Diversion Class." I am also now following strict interpretations of traffic laws for Arizona to the best of my ability, which means things like ensuring my speed drops down to zero MPH and putting my foot in contact with the pavement at every stop sign, every time. And of course waiting a few extra seconds at train crossings until the crossing arm is obviously up and completely turned off, without any hints of motion anywhere. If you ride bikes with me, consider yourself warned.

When I went to follow through on this decision, I discovered that I needed to visit the court in person to pay the diversion fee. I'm glad I discovered that BEFORE leaving to travel until almost the end of the month, and on a morning when I have a bit of spare time to go back over there. The diversion course itself is online, and in making the best of a bad situation I think it will be interesting to see what the content is like. I will also be writing a letter to the City Council about a series of bicycling-related items, including education and enforcement decisions.

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