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The bullet points:

1. Went to 1951 Coffee Company for a latte and breakfast pastries. In lieu of typical coffeeshop art, they have a set of large murals that are all about what it's like to be a refugee and everything that's involved in getting resettled in a new place. Part of the mural notes that it takes an average of 17 years for the resettlement process to be completed.

Oh - related to that - this July, my father plans to attempt the Seattle-to-Portland 2-day, 200-mile bike ride, and is also raising funds for refugees. Here's a link to the donations page, if this is something that you are willing and able to support:

(he notes that this organization has a good reputation on Charity Navigator, and also that personal donations are triple-matched through a government grant)

2. Went to Stonemountain & Daughter Fabrics to ogle and feel all the fabrics. Then I bought way too many beautiful fabrics, way too many buttons, and a dress shirt pattern. Ahem. I have some somewhat diabolical plans for the dress shirt pattern, which I will reveal if things work out in the end.

3. Had lunch with my Berkeley postdoc advisor and a labmate. It will surprise no one to learn that it was wonderful to catch up. Then we worked on some of the circadian stuff - keeping things afloat even if our forward progress is slow. It's nice to get to do that in person, at least!

4. When I moved away, I had one big item of unfinished business left: a set of ~90 crickets where I wanted to do a lipid extraction to quantify their fat stores. I ordered more diethyl ether at the beginning of December 2017, but it never showed up for months and months even after I'd already left. It finally showed up last month (April), but the samples were still sitting there, untouched, when I showed up to the lab last night. So I get to do some labwork while I'm in town! The soaking solution has to get changed out once a day for 3 soaks total, then they get dried and re-weighed. I'm not sure I remember how to vacation anymore.

5. Then I headed back to the house, picked up a few groceries, and made a mushroom-cheese quiche and baked a cake (Fern Cake!). There are still over 2 dozen eggs left, just begging to be used.

It is so humid here (compared to AZ), and everything is flowering. It is so botanically confusing, as compared to Arizona, where the desert kills most stuff so the botanical landscape is simplified down to tough trees and cacti.

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