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CA-WA photodump

Finally getting caught up on photos, but at the same time my left arm informs me I should minimize computer use for a while if I can.

In reverse order.

Elliott Bay book haul (splurged, oy!):
Book haul

This is my favorite desk chair. We got it at a garage sale when I was maybe around 10 years old. If you encounter a chair like this, help get it to me, please?
Wanted: Chair like this one

Very French Bakery bug:
Very French Bakery
(now you may know where I went for some lunch. My mom found this bug on her arm while she was gardening.)

This used to be the Museum of History and Industry. [personal profile] sytharin and I would come over here on Tuesday afternoons after school because admission was free, and the museum contained exquisite dollhouses, a gift shop full of temptations, and video games. The museum has moved into a much nicer space on the south end of Lake Union, and the new bike path across the 520 bridge is a huge transportation improvement, but I'm still a touch nostalgic for the old MOHAI.
MOHAI gone

The Slog has a photo series called, "These are the Words My City Says to Me."
These are the words my city says to me

New construction that I actually kinda like:
New architecture that manages to be striking

That's not Mt. Rainier in the background (joke for [personal profile] scrottie. But seriously, that's not Mt. Rainier in the background.).
Not Mt. Rainier


Moser Hike sights, in California.

This house is along the hill where there's access to the Sunset View Cemetery, but I'd never peered over the fence before because usually I'm on a bicycle trying not to go too fast and crash. It turns out that yes, this is a house built literally on top of a stream. A narrow, stepping-stone path descends down underneath the house.
House with a stream beneath

The walk we refer to as "The Moser Hike" turns out to be much more pleasant if you take this path through the grass instead of just trudging straight up Moser, with cars whizzing next to you. It continues to remain pleasant if, at the top, you cross Moser and then descend back down through the Cemetery. So now the only Moser components to the hike are two brief road crossings. Really, it's a great improvement and I'm so pleased we did it.
Moser Hike

Bay Area plants are weird and crazy.
Moser Hike


Scienced a little while I was on vacation in CA. Worth it, or so I tell myself.
Just some quick vacation science

Apparently Roy has been sleeping on the hot tub lately. P says he's going to get the hot tub back in working order over the summer. Knowing P, he will.

Regatta scene from Gold Rush in Sacramento - where all the Berkeley rowers kept their boats:
Regatta scenes

I am pretty sure we were laughing about poop while enjoying our BFF breakfast at Fournee Bakery:
Sugary smirk

Blooming, happy pomegranate. I've never seen it so lush as this:
Happy pomegranate

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