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Hither and Yon

Yesterday I went hiking with my parents. We drove up towards Bellingham and hiked up Oyster Dome to soak in the views of Puget Sound. Then we returned to the trailhead, where friends from B-ham had driven to meet up with us, and enjoyed a splendid evening picnic. A perfect PNW summer day. Looking out over Orcas Island and the Olympic mountains was both beautiful and a little heart-wrenching. I'll be back to visit. You have my heart captured for forever, Washington.

Today has featured miscellaneous running around, plus lunch with [personal profile] ivy, yay! I was in search of a Dremel flex-tip and bulk shampoo and conditioner. Hardwick's didn't have the flex-tip, but Stoneway Hardware did. Neither the Central Co-Op nor the Fremont PCC has bulk shampoo or conditioner anymore. I guess it isn't worth the hassle for them. So I'll probably just order my own gallons once we get up to New York, sigh.

The flex-tip doesn't fit onto the end of my parents' Dremel (their Dremel is too old). Hopefully I can track down a Dremel to borrow before the end of this trip, so I can fix up a teapot I gave to my mother years ago that only pours out tea at a dribble.

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