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Folklife 2018

Folklife: Come for the music, stay for the people-watching.

Flickr is crashing right now, so I suppose I'll have to upload a small handful of photos and video clips later. I guess everybody had a fun 3-day weekend and is now busy posting about it on the internet, heh.

1. [personal profile] slydevil wasn't kidding about the tie-dye chainmail. My mom enjoyed reminiscing about all the various things acquired at previous Folklifes as she browsed among the booths this year.

2. Mmm, festival food. I had some obligatory shortcake. It was very sweet.

3. My heart lifts a little as I watch hordes of small children jumping up and down to the music at the Fountain Lawn Stage. Someone had chalked in "Universal Healthcare" in giant rainbow letters around the fountain.

4. A church member's daughter is in a "Latin Pop Surf Sounds" band called The Pazific, which played today in the KEXP Gathering Space. The theme of the day is, when the music starts playing, people get up and dance in front of the stage.

5. Norwegian folk dance. Admirable knickers. Much more sedate.

6. I was hoping to see some Diwali dance, but apparently it was scheduled to start at 3:30, not 3 pm, as listed in the program, and there were other things I wanted to see starting at 3:30.

7. Instead, I caught the tail end of Pachanga Alert!, nice Latin American music, and then got to hear the Simba Youth Marimba Ensemble, followed by the Anzanga Marimba Ensemble. Lovely, upbeat Zimbabwe marimba music. Apparently the Azanga Marimba Ensemble has been performing at Folklife for over 30 years. Some beautiful, complex tunes mixed in there. I favor classical music played on marimbas, but the traditional marimba music is all right, too.

8. Bumped into my parents, eating dinner while sitting on a bench. Scarfed down some Kenyan vegetable curry, then scurried off to watch some flamenco dancers, with stomping, tapping shoes, twirly skirts, and an impressive fringed shawl.

9. Then off to hear VamoLa!, a Brazilian Drum and Dance Ensemble. Oh, they made my heart so happy. I guess it was a preview show in advance of HONK! Fest West. Best part of the day, hands down.

10. Listened to Filthy Femcorps for a little bit after that (all-woman marching band), but started getting tired and VamoLa! is a hard act to follow, so it was time to take the bus home. Also, all of the marijuana smoke was really starting to get to me. I wish people would just do that stuff at home and not in public (illegally) where I have to breathe it. Blech. Worse than cigarette smoke, and that's saying something.

As someone commented at some point during the day, Folklife restores one's faith in Seattle. I hope it persists for at least another 47 years.

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