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Links: people, trees, houses

I've read two things recently about artists working to make people more generally aware of the terrible legacy of uranium mining on the Dine reservation. This art review is about the work that we went and saw at the Henry Art Gallery not too long ago. The installation felt effective, although it also felt somewhat strange to see that landscape abstracted into the slideshow. Then again, that was kind of the point.

Yesterday the NYT had an article about the reopening of part of Yosemite after extensive renovations. I appreciated the discussion of working to continue to keep parks accessible to people even as the number of visitors continues to go up and up. I would love it if more national parks were set up with parking lots at the edge of the park, and only shuttle buses in the interior. And also, better public transit connections to the park so as to eliminate the driving aspect altogether.

A friend shared this article about the distribution of trees in Seattle neighborhoods, because there are many fewer trees in predominantly poor, non-white neighborhoods. What I appreciate the most about the article is its further discussion about what to do about that situation, and how to go about doing something, because it talks about the need to carefully consider community desires and directly involve community members when deciding how to act.

And here's an article that puts its finger on something that had bothered me, without my fully realizing it: small apartment buildings aren't getting built at the same pace as giant apartment complexes, largely because the current financial structures and incentives favor them. And just, ugh.

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