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The Weather

It's definitely monsoon season now.

Saturday morning, pre-monsoon, [personal profile] scrottie and I got up early and biked over to the Phoenix Farmer's Market. They had their mister system running at full blast, such that it felt like a tropical rainforest. On the return ride, the wind blew hot in our faces. Applying water to the top of my head felt refreshing.

Later in the afternoon, I went out again to run a couple of errands. Before I left, I soaked my linen shirt in water. Putting it on felt like donning a wet bathing suit - clammy, cold. The second I started bicycling, I felt fantastic. That feeling lasted for the entire 5 minutes while the shirt was still wet.

We're now at the point where the "cold" water coming out of the faucet is warm. No need to use hot water while showering.

Last night there were some good showers just north of Tucson, north of the Catalina Mountains, in a part of the state where we were once caught out in a microburst at the very end of a 400k brevet. There are leafcutter ants out there, but I don't know at what sort of density, so we didn't go down.

When the sun came up this morning, the sky was brown-orange. Cars are covered in a fine layer of dust: dust storm. The bike ride in to campus was humid, but at least temperatures were cooler than they have been.

I am hoping I won't have to do too much data collection this week.

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