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Status: Bandwidth exceeded

Am hiding in the fume hood room again. It feels like the only place where I can get any sort of quiet these days, which I desperately need, in order to plan out MY priorities (=not always identical to the priorities of the 10 or so people who keep trying to nab me for various purposes).

We've had some good monsoon rain this week, but the clouds keep swirling around the perimeter of the region where we've historically collected the leafcutter queens. So, no queens for me, yet.

It has taken me slightly too long to sort out what the new cricket hatchlings need by way of food and humidity, and so a large number of the early hatchlings died. Also, the hatchling rates suggest to me that a number of the adult females with curled wings aren't reproductively viable, so this whole project could just be putting these crickets through a bad population bottleneck. Frustrating.

Yesterday I managed to run some preliminary analyses on some seed-harvester ant queen respiration data, with interesting outcomes. So I shipped those results over to other people involved in that project. At the moment the next step for those data is unclear because I don't know what sort of publication they might go into. There's a whole lot of behavioral data from this summer's projects that is currently a big mess, to the best of my knowledge. I'm mostly trying to stay out of having to deal with any of it, for the moment.

Yesterday I also finally finished working my way through the preliminary round of behavioral analyses for 5 years' worth of historical data. That whole meta-project is far from finished, but that was at least one big milestone.

Today: lab photos, lab lunch with German colleague headed back to Germany today, coauthor meeting, phone conference with parents, ...not nearly enough time in there for substantive work, such as work on the paper for the coauthor meeting.

Floors at home haven't been swept in 2+ weeks (especially front entry hall), litterbox is overdue, cricket bins need washing, and it's time to start packing stuff up to move. And time to come up with a more definite plan for a place to move into once we reach New York.

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