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And so it begins in earnest...

Monday and yesterday I've finally been able to focus more on specific projects and make substantial progress on them, whew. It's always hard when one is in that situation where things are piling onto the to-do list and stuff during the day turns into a game of whack-a-mole.

Saw S off this morning - he's off to California for the first leg of things.

Cross your fingers and toes, if my rent deposit check arrives gets deposited, we may have a place to live in Albany. S has declared the place "a bit rich" for his tastes and also said it reminded him of the kind of house a grandma would live in in Minneapolis. So I guess it's Grandma House. I'm having some flashbacks to what it was like to move into the Villa Maria house, where the landlady had plugged in a bunch of those scent-making devices to mask the lingering cigarette smoke smell. Blech, it took a long time and a lot of work to make that house approximately liveable, and even then we still had floods and plagues of insects. The lease agreement for the Villa Maria house was something like 6 or 8 pages long, in tiny, blue font. I think the new lease isn't quite THAT bad, but it's hard to know, and it's pretty officious. Its hints of officiousness make me think about East Coast vs. West Coast differences. I mean, I can appreciate why things get that way, especially given the terrible misdeeds with the Lincoln apartment, but still.

I'm at Packing Stage 1 now: putting dried bay leaves away in a little jar, putting art supplies back in bins, thinking about packing up boxes of books, which is a reasonably neat and tidy process, as compared to things like figuring out how to pack up the plunger and toilet brush and houseplants and such.

The other day S proposed a name that was something like "transiculture," as opposed to "permaculture," as a description of how we've had to do things with all of the moving around and living in rentals.

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