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All the plots and schemes

I've been having interesting dreams the last couple of nights. For example, one was a ceramics-related stress dream, where I was trying to pick up my newly fired pieces, but most of them weren't ready and the one that was ready was a blue ant with incredibly spindly legs that kept breaking off in my hands. I suspect this has to do with general packing anxiety. In another one, someone made an elaborately detailed memento quilt for [personal profile] annikusrex which for some reason had a square with a picture of me on it, surrounded by a recreation of some sort of purple embroidered pansies which I had supposedly made and given to her. It was like meta-art.

I did manage to organize and box up the canning jars last night, though. We have a ton of pint-sized jars. They're on the large side for jam. Maybe I'll manage to can a ton of salsa sometime soon. [personal profile] scrottie loves a salsa that's available here, made from guajillo chile peppers, so if we wind up having room for a big garden I might try and grow some. I'll also be interested to see what the Troy farmer's market has to offer up in New York. We shall see.

I also did a bit of bike maintenance, and realized that I have FINALLY reached the stage where I fix and replace things on the Jolly Roger before they are completely worn out. I'm now replacing things when they're 90% worn out instead, heh.

At work, lots of ant projects in the hopper, still. On Friday my advisor was laughing about how I'm probably going to be better-known for this work with the seed-harvester ants, in spite of everything I've done with the leafcutters. All I could do was shrug and say, "Gotta diversify your portfolio." In the long term, it would be cool to extend a lot of the ideas from the seed-harvester system over to the leafcutters, but the leafcutters are more complicated and have required more background work. I'm patient.

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