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First, a pair of articles from the NYT about interesting turns of events:

Personally, I'm pleased to see what's happening within one faction of the Democratic Party. I have been frustrated for a long time by the free-market economics side of the party. Think back, for example, to the Occupy movement, which started during the Obama administration.

Along with that, I appreciated this article about how Portugal is doing, following its decision to cast aside austerity. To me it speaks of the importance of continuing to consider economic policies from a behavioral standpoint (even if we still aren't sure about many of the fundamental findings within the field of Psychology).

Next: Negative reviews can be challenging to write well. But here's an excoriating review of Steven Pinker's latest book. I personally lack the intellectual tools one would need to successfully critique this book, but am grateful for this extensive counterpoint, which covers a ton of historical and philosophical issues. Also, this subject area is tied to the above NYT articles. Just saying.

Much more randomly, someone I follow on the Tweet-machine recently posted about building a head-mounted lidar array to help people see the world like a dolphin via vibrations sent through the jaw. The author feels this was an extremely wacky project, and maybe it is. But on the other hand, I love the creativity of it.

Meanwhile, an internet friend recently shared a story about an all-female crew that just won the 750-mile Race to Alaska by using a sailboat equipped with back-up bicycling-pedaled power. I'd love to traverse the Inside Passage via some form of human-powered watercraft someday - who knows when, but it's a dream.

Finally, the Root Simple blog brought me to this article, about individual responsibility vs. systemic social change when pushing for more sustainable lifestyles. One of the points made within the article is about how technological advances have not generated net energy savings - if anything, people these days use even MORE energy, not less. [As I sit and type this on a huge external computer monitor hooked up to my laptop]. I mean, I don't know how to reverse this, but I do appreciate the insightful commentary on the subject.

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