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So much adulting

Do you think it's possible that Today's Yooths don't like to make phone calls because making phone calls on smart-o-phones is the worst? At the moment I'm using earbuds, which I HATE, and once we get up to New York I think I'm going to get one of those ridiculous old-school handsets, to at least help a little with it all. Still, talking on smart-o-phones makes me feel like I'm overly prone to interrupting other people while on the phone. I don't think I'm prone to doing this in person, although I could be wrong, and I'd never noticed it as a problem during phone conversations on conventional phones. More than anything, I think I tend to emit verbal cues while listening, but those are interfering with the one-way communication system that cell phones use.

Anyhoo, all that said and done, there are certain occasions when phone calls are so much simpler and nicer. Our future landlord said it would be way easier to set up utilities by phone, and he was right. Scheduling things can often be that way, too: three minutes on the phone instead of 6 back-and-forth e-mail messages.

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